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DIY Designer Candles!

Hello ladies, gents, and non-binary bougie pals! I took it upon myself to do what no one wanted and no one asked for: DIY designer fragrance candles!

Obligatory aside: this is my first time posting here in repladies, and my first time making an attempt at a longer posting in general, so bear with me and my formatting! I'll do my best. ☺️

A Bit of Background... (not required reading, just context!)

I was OBSESSED with u/onthevergeoftears's post on DIY and rep fragrances, and more recently u/diambra's post on rep. fragrances! I stumbled upon deadass identical to the read thing designer "inspired" perfume oils a bit before I found those posts – my main hookup is OilPerfumery! They've got a large range of Western and Arabian fragrances that I really enjoy (also use code OP20 for 20% off but don't tell them because I'm not supposed to know about that code...) Now, I am but a poor college student and generally do not have the resources to compare their work to the real deal, but I will say their La Vie Est Belle and Light Blue for Her are pretty spot on. Anyways my first DIY dream was to convert the oil perfumes into sprays and transplant them into the authentic bottles. I researched the process for 30 minutes quite some time before deciding I probably didn't have the patience to tackle that yet. My next stroke of genius was to created candles with my perfume oils and transplant them into authentic designer candle cups – helluva lot easier lemme tell you. This came after reading up on people's fears about burning rep candles with how expensive they were to ship because of their weight. With minimal effort, I have achieved some degree of success and would like to share the process and results with you!

The Good Stuff 🤩🕯

1. Cost

I created 2 DIY Jo Malone candles in authentic candle cups – cups? glasses? holders? The whole process was relatively inexpensive (considering the cost of an authentic Jo Malone candle): I purchased 1lb. of paraffin wax from Michael's craft store for $7.50, a package of 9 candle wicks for about $3 I think also from Michael's, my oil perfumes from OilPerfumery for appx. $11 each, and the 2 Jo Malone empty candle jars (we're going with jars now) for $20 on Mercari. I find that between offerup, Poshmark, eBay and Mercari, eBay and Mercari had the most reasonably priced candle jars and empty perfume bottles! I also purchased a teeny plastic syringe and a pack of tin pans from the dollar store for a total of $2. Accounting for only using 2 of my wicks, this project cost me $54 for 2 finished candles. An equivalent candle from Jo Malone costs $78 individually, so I'm pretty proud of my $27 ones! I'm sure it could've been done a bit cheaper had I not poured the entire bottle of oil perfume into my first candle, forcing me to use another bottle for the second candle been a bit more conservative with the amount of fragrance I added to my candles.
Note: I chose to use paraffin wax, despite online hysteria that it will cause cancer – authentic Jo Malone candles also are rumored to use paraffin wax because of their unobtrusive smell (and I didn't see any evidence that really convinced me that my candle would kill me). Soy wax has a very intense and distinctive smell that I found to be rather unpleasant, and I didn't want my perfumes fighting for odoriferous dominance! There's a massive collection of videos on what waxes work best for what on Youtube, take a look for yourself to see what might be the best option for you! I just chose this because the color was close to authentic, it was less stinky, and it was cheap.

2. Production

I said f the rules and didn't match my scents to the original Jo Malone candle jars - I used JM Wild Strawberry and Parsley (so freakin' summery) and I used JM Pomegranate Noir (so not summery but deep and yummy regardless).
I began by melting ½ lb. of the paraffin wax in my DIY double boiler. Wax is a BITCH to get out of your prized cookware, do not melt wax in something you care about. While I waited for the wax to melt, I hot glued my wick into the first jar. That's a lie that I just realized my next photo exposes - I gorilla glued it, which was a terrible idea that didn't work. Hot glue yours. I then attempted to use my dollar store syringe to suck out some of the oil perfume – it sprayed everywhere and my whole kitchen still smells like wild strawberry and parsley, 0/10 do not recommend. Instead, as I did with my second candle, simply remove the rollerball applicator and pour the oil perfume into the wax.
Now I will say, there is a science to adding the oil at the right temperature depending on the type of wax and the shape of the candle, but I was on a mission and did not bother checking the temperature of the wax. I let it melt in the double boiler (and I never allowed the water below it to get to a full boil - it was that stage of teeny baby bubbles all over the bottom of the pan) and then waited about 5 minutes to ensure it was heated thoroughly.
Next, it's time to fill the candle! This is where I was most thankful for my lil syringe. After several failed attempts to pick up the pan and pour the was, I realized that my potholders were completely saturated in wax, and that there was no easy or clean way to pour. Instead, I used the plastic syringe to suck up a bit of melted wax and transplant it into the jar. I'd highly recommend something like this to get the cleanest end results if you're a candle making noob like I am!
Once you've filled the candle with the liquid wax, it's time to let it set (either on the counter or in the fridge). It will set on the outside relatively quickly, but I'd say it took a solid hour for it to be "done" to the point of being stable enough to move around. During this time, you'll need something to support the wick so it stands upright. I struggled, obviously. It was on my second candle that I realized a mechanical pencil clip (or pen clip) did an awesome job! BIG IMPORTANT FACTOID is that upon cooling, you candle will make a weird cratedivet in the middle - there's some scientific reason behind it, I'm just too lazy to find it again. That being said it is important that you don't put all of the wax into your candle jar on the first go - you need to save a bit to fill in the crater. Again, you'll let it set. After that, snip your wick and...

3. Voila!

You have a Jo Malone candle! All things considered, I'm pretty proud with how they turned out! Had I just wanted them for decoration, they would have come out to less than $15 each - I will (probably) eventually burn them to enjoy the scent. They're both fragrant enough that you can smell them within a couple feet of walking by the candles. That being said, ½ bottle of the perfume oil I'm sure would have been plenty, I just have no self control. Save yourself some money for that next TB haul and DIY your next luxe candle! If there's any information I may have missed, please let me know - I'd be happy to fill in the gaps! I'm incredibly lazy and will 100% not proofread this before submitting. Thanks for being such a great community! 💛🥰

Edit: please look at the comments from people much wiser than I explaining some of the scientific-y bits I was too lazy to look into, super important lol

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[Table] IAmA: Hi, I'm Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Ubuntu & Canonical. Currently in the midst of a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign to make Ubuntu Edge superphone a reality. Ask me anything.

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Date: 2013-07-25
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Questions Answers
Will (parts of) the Ubuntu Edge be Open Hardware? So in this first generation Edge, no, we didn't look for open hardware specifically. We can choose silicon with more open drivers as we finalise the spec, but again I think the priority for the CPU / GPU will be performance to hit the goal of convergence.
will you release the physical dimensions as soon as it goes to production so we can easily 3D print cases and accessories for it? Yes, the specifications will be released as soon as they are final. Love the 3D printing movement, be great to get an accessory-printing meme flowing!
How will the 32 millions USD be spent? Will it all go to the hardware (including research/design etc), or is some of it going into the development of the software too? Software is covered by our existing efforts to bring Ubuntu to mobile, nothing more needed there. The crowdfunding is really what it costs to bring a device to market, it would be more if we were a major brand, $32m is pretty lean I'm told. Hope the actual cost doesn't exceed it or I'll be carrying that baby but hey it's worth the risk.
How will you address the privacy concerns on contemporary phones? We're entering a really interesting phase where in a sense our very own tools spy on us.
We will certainly have an easier time providing transparency on the origin of the code in the platform than, say, your average android device, where it's all a big hacky mush. The core OS which will be updated regularly on the Ubuntu phones is all traceable directly back to standard Ubuntu source and binary packages.
There will be a core piece on each phone which handles the hardware, consisting of kernel and drivers and firmware and interfaces to things like the radio. That's where unhealthy things could creep in from manufacturers and carriers. We can offer... constructive guidance there.
I'm curious about battery life of the Ubuntu Edge. How do you plan to make the battery last at least a full work day with such specifics? How long will the battery last when using the phone to drive a monitor? Edit: typos, damn autocarrot! We're hoping to blaze a trail with silicon anode batteries. Hopefully, that is the only blaze involved - a trail ;)
Hi Mark! My question: Heat seems to be a problem after long periods of time using my current smartphone. Will you try to choose a processor that can minimize this for long periods of time? As a convergent device, this and battery life is my biggest worry. We've done thermal modelling of the device (recognising that the processor options are still only guidance from the vendors). I think for this generation we want to go all-out for performance to get over the convergence hump - i.e. deliver a device that gives a good enough desktop experience when you hook it up via HDMI and a bluetooth keyboard.
But we are doing a lot of work on cooling off while you are not actually using it docked, so it doesn't warm up your pocket when you're not using it as a desktop!
How do you see yourself and ubuntu in the context of the surveillance programs? Will there be some kind of full disk encryption? Yes, we can to full disk encryption, thanks for the reminder and I'll suggest it to the team.
There were some concerns raised about the specs saying the Edge would have (at least) 4GB of RAM, although currently 2GB is the maximum amount of RAM a device is able to use with an ARM processor. What are your thoughts about this? Has this been carefully planned ahead, or is it more a find-and-solve-problems-along-the-way kind of project? I've been told by the CTO of a very big mobile silicon manufacturer they could do it.
Have you ever been approached by the NSA/ CIA / FBI regarding access to Ubuntu systems and what are your opinions for safe and secure OS'? PS much respect for all you've done for Linux via Ubuntu & your new phone project No, we've never been asked to support a surveillance campaign. We've been asked to provide data in support of specific criminal investigations (child abuse) would do so again. We would not comply with a mass surveillance or extra-judicial request, and we would challenge requests that we think are unwarranted.
Hi and thanks for your time. Will the Edge be covered by any warranties outside of the return policy? Also how long will the Edge be recieving software updates? We want to support the edge with updates to 14.04 LTS and then through the life of 14.04 LTS, which would be a total of 6 years.
Battery. When "docking" the Ubuntu Edge and using it instead of a PC/notebook, will an AC power supply be mandatory or will battery last for an "human" amount of time? Heat. Phone seems little, hardware is powerful, internal heat will be... too much, won't be? So what about cooling? Will I get my hands cooked like an hot-dog while using or recharging the Ubuntu Edge? I think when in PC mode you'll want a source of power, either a bigger battery in the screen / dock, or AC. But in mobile mode, we aim not to roast anything personal.
I've been a long time Ubuntu user. I believe Ubuntu is the best OS but I just feel like design coherence and stability is all over the place. I understand you're iterating fast but it seems like stability should be improving over the years, not the other way around. Also, it just doesn't seem like anyone is paying attention to the UI details like on a Mac (or even Windows now). Unity looks great but the new Nautilus is a mess, for example. Where's the UI coherence? What's going on with stability? Hmm... yes, Nautilus is tricky of course because of the source.
I do wish we could maintain full focus on both desktop and mobile, but I've asked the team instead to concentrate on touch, so more stuff is slipping through raw from upstream without going through the same level of integration/smoothing that we normally do. Crashes etc are still being addressed, but I agree there's more divergence in core apps than normal in 13.04.
If we're successful with the phone, then that platform becomes our core for desktop too, and it's really gorgeous, take a look.
Mark, do you plan to do something similar in the notebook sector? I miss premium haswell laptops which are well built like Macbook Airs and run Ubuntu out of the box without any problems and great battery life. I don't see US doing a notebook this way, but if we prove the mechanism of crowdfunding and crowdsourcing ideas and priorities for innovation, I bet someone else will.
Personally, I'm interested in convergence, the idea that I could be typing this on a keyboard + screen attached to my phone, with the brains being in the phone. So successive iterations of concept phones is where I'd like to keep our involvement.
Backers become part of a community that can share ideas and debate priorities. That's what we do on the Ubuntu software side every day, so I think it's a good fit.
Mr Shuttleworth, Has Canonical been approached by the NSA regarding access to Ubuntu One? No. I do have concerns that we have data in AWS and other US clouds which might be subject to PRISM. We're looking at a range of options to provide both security and also plausible deniability to users of Ubuntu who are surveilled.
Are there any other phone manufacturers preparing to launch phones with Ubuntu Mobile OS? There are several brand name manufacturers that have independently brought Ubuntu mobile up on their next-gen devices and presented that to carriers. No word yet on who might be first to go the distance, but I think that's pretty encouraging given it's off their own bat.
In what ways might alternate mobile OSes such as Ubuntu, Firefox OS and Tizen work together or share common technologies (in order to benefit consumers and each other)? We do have areas of mutual interest and overlap. But... it's hard, through no fault of any one party, to discuss and agree on every detail. So I'd suggest you consider diversity a value in itself and let us work it out. And thank you for backing the Edge :)
Why is the Ubuntu Edge not featured on the front page of canonical.com? It seems to me that you need to spread the word as far and wide as possible to hit that crazy high $32m target, so you ought to use all the channels that you have. Dude, the traffic is all on ubuntu.com, but it's a good point nonetheless and I'll suggest it, thanks!
Do you not think this goes contrary to the very philosophy of open source software? Yet those very decisions made Ubuntu so popular.
I think breaking new ground requires a certain stubborn willingness to pursue an idea that is unpopular. Sometimes, that means stubbornly being wrong, and if one is afraid of being wrong, one will likely not break new ground.
How freakin awesome was space? Was it worth the preparation and money? Would you do it again? It was a real privilege. I do hope to fly again, but am waiting till it's feasible to get a bit deeper into the unknown than LEO.
So Mark, How much is a shuttle worth exactly? Life's too short to hit refresh on that number too often :)
Hello Mr.Shuttleworth, Although I am unfamiliar with Ubuntu (and Linux in general), I am excited to see it's popularity rise, as this means more competition, which creates better products. My question is: As someone who is an iOS user, why should I buy an Ubuntu phone? If you're interested in convergence between phone and PC, we'll do that first and imo best. If y ou're interested in accelerating the movement of new tech into the mainstream, the Edge is a very interesting new way to signal to Appe what you consider cool in hardware (and software).
Where would you recommend someone get started if they were interested in contributing to Ubuntu or similar? Will the Edge's "desktop" OS have as much functionality and compatibility as the current Ubuntu operating system releases when the phone is docked? What functionality will be lost when the phone is mobile? The best place to get started in Ubuntu depends on your personal interests. If you're a writer and speaker, work on docs and materials. If y ou're a designer, pick a new mobile app and help on the design.
For developers, there's loads of open space in the new mobile core apps. That's brought a lot of new developers to the project, and to QML, which is a fantatic development environment, native performance with JS / CSS ease of design. I'd suggest starting there, with an app that can scale from phone, to tablet, to PC.
Do you think South African tech entrepreneurs have to eventually leave SA to make it really big? Well, they certainly have to spend a lot of time on a plane :)
I was lucky with my first effort, Thawte, which was based in SA but didn't need much commercial infrastructure outside, it was all online. So the restirctive rules about global trading for South Africans didn't block that. But I couldn't do Ubuntu from SA, for example. Just recently half-won a constitutional case in SA to have some of those rules reconsidered, too early to know what the ultimate result of that will be.
Since the Ubuntu Edge will be dual booting Ubuntu and Android, can you say roughly how much of the 128GB storage on the phone will be available for user files? I think at least 120GB will be available for files.
By your best guess, about how much do you expect each edge to actually cost to produce? Our best guess is $32m for 40,000 devices, not counting the money spent to date on design validation. If we did more devices we could lower the price, but that would just make the campaign goals harder. And really, we want to focus on cutting edge tech, so setting too high a production requirement might limit us to stuff that's more conventional. Hopefully we found a good balance, you be the judge!
Hi, Mark. Will the Ubuntu Edge have all LTE bands or diferent bands in each antenna?, will it work with any LTE carrier in any country? No, it will be unusual in supporting TWO bands of LTE so it can work with LTE in both the US and EU, but it can't support every possible LTE carrier worldwide, the spectrum is just too fragmented at the moment. That's a real swamp we would like to help drain!
Idea for another donation tier: Mark Shuttleworth records you a custom voicemail. Would you do it? Sure, but I'm no Liam Neeson :)
Hi Mark, I am one of the first 5000 to purchase the phone! How will dual booting work? Like will both Android and the Ubuntu OS be running at the same time with the option to switch between the two without rebooting or no? Can we have an estimate of the clock speed of the CPU? Will the phone have the dock shown in the video included? You will be able to toggle what you boot - Ubuntu or Android. If you boot Android, then when you plug in a large screen, you'll have the option to launch ubuntu alongside it, as U4A.
Keep the Updates coming, very exited for 13.10 and Mir! More generally, I think this meme is a bit of sour grapes, and if we want Linux to evolve based on sour grapes, we'll all just have a bad taste in our mouths in the end :)
So do you... Sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping. Or does Amazon get your search results also? When I want to search everything, I use the Super key. When I want to search just my local apps, I use Super-A. Duh.
Are you worried that the long lead time (due May 2014 if all goes well) and pre-published spec will allow competitors to catch up / overtake and essentially gazump the Edge? It's certainly possible that a particular feature might go into another phone, but the overall goal of a PC-class convergence devices is miles beyond anything the majors are looking to achieve, and I think the Edge will be the first by a long way to try.
P.s. I've bought one already. Good luck!! If we get it greenlighted, then I hope we bring forward the commercial adoption of some of those tech by at least a year!
Why Sapphire Glass instead of Gorilla Glass 3? Also, what will be the maximum resolution when hooked up to a monitor? Full HD is the baseline requirement for the external monitor, we may be able to do more depending on final silicon options.
Sapphire, is much harder and more scratch resistant than any glass. Much more expensive and hard to machine, too, but we think its worth pushing industry to develop mainstream processing and volume for it.
Can you comment a bit about the screen you're looking to use? IE: Why aren't other companies using sapphire screens? Cost, manufacturing difficulties? Thanks a lot, Ubuntu was my first experience with Linux. Cost mainly. They are in use in very, very expensive fashion phones. But we think the cost will come down if we can get more mainstream volumes and processing approaches, hence the push. No screen protector would be fantastic!
Hi Mark, firstly, love ubuntu. Secondly, the hardware is pretty hardcore, will you use a shrinking ray to fit it all in to the phone, or miniature atoms to construct miniature chips? My money's on the shrinking ray. It worked for my hairline, right?
If this campaign becomes successful in achieving it's target and the phone's delivered in 2014, will you consider the same model for other handsets going forward? Yes.
What would be interesting is to invite the backers of this generation not only to help finalise the spec of this generation, but also to help select the most interesting combinations of technologies for a future generation, on say an annual basis.
For this generation, we had to go find ideas. If we're greenlighted, I think we could invite companies with hot and cool tech for phones to present their ideas to the community, and have a crowdsourcing approach to the design of say, the Edge 2015.
Who is your inspiration? Mahatma Gandhi, Jan Smuts, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela. All flawed if you look closely enough, but that just makes me admire them more for what they did.
Mark, do you see the Edge as Ubuntu Phone's "Nexus" device? And would this device theoretically have an advantage over other Ubuntu Phones in regards to support/updates? In a sense, perhaps, yes. But the real idea we're trying to express is that a community can make better decisions than a single person. So in making the Edge, we're also forming an extension to the Ubuntu community that can help with designing next generation Edges.
Mainstream volume PC and phone manufacturer is really best served by the existing players, I don't want to compete with them, we'd lose! But we're better setup to be a mediator between enthusiasts and those manufacturers, which is at the heart of this campaign.
One common concern that has kept people from pledging is whether or not this phone will still be at the bleeding edge of technology in a year, when it is released. If this campaign is successful, how do we know other larger companies won't adopt these technologies in that time, and at a lower price-point (especially factoring in the potential earnings lost from tying up hundreds of dollars for a year)? Also, at what point before the release date will you nail down the product specifications? One of the selling points of the Edge is that it will revolutionize mobile computing. A big advantage of mobile computing for many is that it can be done while commuting, where one would not have access to a docking station, or any sort of peripherals. Here, laptops and tablets are quite useful. In what situations would one see a significant benefit in using the Edge for computing? Canada is notably absent from the list of regions in which you will "conduct interoperability testing" for the Edge. Especially because Canadian telecom is so notoriously monopolistic, do I need to worry about whether or not the Edge will work in Canada, especially if I'm not in a metropolitan region? I think the majority of people who ruin their phone screens do so by dropping and cracking them rather than scratching them. Crystals tend not to be ductile - especially thin sheets. A sapphire screen may be more scratch-resistant than gorilla glass, but won't it fracture easily? We have some visibility on what different companies will try in the coming year, and as a package, our best sources suggest that the Edge is waaay more ambitious than anything else.
How is Ubuntu's attempt at convergence different from others' attempts (Microsoft for example)? We'll be the first to have the FULL OS on all devices, not an embedded version of the OS. And what's cool for me is that same OS works on servers too (even ARM servers). So there's one flat platform everywhere for developers. Pretty cool.
Hello Mark! How confident are you that the Indiegogo campaign will reach it's goal? It's going to be really tough, we'll need the support of a very large community of enthusiasts. A great start, for sure, but that's like all the folks in tutus and bearsuits at the starting line of a marathon. The finish is a little, erm, sweatier :)
Since given the statistics, indiegogo's current funding record is $1,665,380 which was raised by Scandu Scout , where as Kickstarter's record is $10,266,845 for the Pebble smart watch , which is 10 times more that the former. Kickstarted has proved to be more successfull for large budget projects. So I'm delighted we have raised their record from $1.6 to $5.something (in 4 days!) and they deserve all the publicity and support they get a a result.
Does the Ubuntu Edge has a graphics technology for video games in the pc-mode? PS: Already bought one! We're working with a few different games publishers on both PC and mobile, so yes, I think gaming on the edge will be pretty radical. It should certainly raise the bar on mobile gaming because we'll have a LOT of RAM and first-class GPU.
off, wow, that edge looks amazing. question though: with the way this convergence is going, do you think eventually in the future, we will just have our superphones that replace our desktops and laptops? That's what we want to try!
Can you tell us if Indiegogo will be taking their usual cut from your drive? That would add up to something like $2 million wouldn't it? Yup, and IMO they will have earned it. There has been a great deal of work to make it possible to shoot for such a record, the Indiegogo team invested a great deal of thought into how it could work.
Is the main purpose of this to show off Ubuntu, or do you expect to stay in the hardware business if this is a success? If this gets greenlighted then I would like to expand the Ubuntu community to include hardware - crowdsourcing ideas for future iterations. But we'll stick to the concept-car side of things leaving mainstream production to our partners in the industry who do it very well.
So, our strength is communities, their stremgth is production and distribution, that's how we'll keep it.
One of the big unanswered questions about this device is the architecture being used. Intel's new bay trail looks really great in performance and power saving as well as allowing easy compatibility with Ubuntu software center purchases. Arm processors might be easiecheaper to come by as well as friendlier to the mobile side of this device. Arm, though, will require lots of work on canonical's side to make the full desktop side software supported by third parties. I personally think Intel's processor should be the one used, but if architecture isn't decided yet, what items are making the decision process difficult? We are waiting for two things - final specs and benchmarks, and a community of backers to help make that decision.
Why use crowd funding, is it due to a lack of interest from the large mobile operators? The dynamics of product planning inside large manufacturers drive for risk aversion - if a phone fails, it could take out the company or the team who planned it and took the risk.
Crowdfunding is interesting, because enthusiasts are INTERESTED in the next generation, they have an appetite for experimentation which large institutions lose. So the goal of this project is to reintroduce risk and innovation into mobile design, via crowdsourcing of both ideas and commitment.
As for interest in ubuntu - check out the list of carriers that have expressed interest, it's very convincing.
Mark, what are you expecting the battery life to be for the edge? And how about the weight? The goal is a full day of high-end use. If we can get more juice in, we'll use it for performance rather than multi-day battery life.
1) What happens to "phone" functions while using it "as a desktop"? Will we be able to make/answer calls and send/receive texts? 2) Is there any chance to have at least one of this features in the final product: hardware encryption, fingerprint unlock, dual sim, AC wifi, waterproofing...? Yes you can use the phone as a phone while it provides a desktop on a separate screen. Hardware encryption is a possibility, yes.
Any plans for wireless display WIDI? In future I think wireless will make sense for convergence. But the delay on WIDI is still several hundred milliseconds (a noticeable fraction of a second) so it feels like your desktop is in treacle. We'll try to bring that into a future generation if we can find a way to get the delay down.
I threw a few $$ your way because I think this is a great idea, but I can't afford the device itself at the moment. If you get the funding is there a chance that you will make more for retail availability at a later date? I'd love to buy one in a couple of months when my finances are a bit better. I really appreciate your backing - that's very generous. What might be a nice idea is to create a forum for backers who didn't go all the way to a device, to give them first shot at second-hand devices?
I want to say that I absolutely love that you guys are doing this. I'm so excited for this phone. I love Ubuntu and have been using the LXDE variant for several years now. As one of the backers for this project, I just want to know what the risks are if you do manage to reach the $32 million goal. How do you intend to handle a situation where it somehow doesn't work out? I will be on the hook. So I'm glad the team who put this together is made up of some of the best folks at Canonical, whove put a ton of their personal time into making it possible. I am happy to out on that limb for them, and the backers.
So far, the Edge (and the Ubuntu convergence strategy in general) seems to focus on the two ends of the convergence spectrum: The mobile phone and the full-blown desktop station (i.e. phone connected to screen & keyboard). What are your ideas for the use cases in between, where more mobility is wanted but the phone itself doesn’t provide enough comfort? I’m thinking about the cases where you’d traditionally use a laptop or a tablet. Do you already have a clear vision of how a single device can be used for all those situation, i.e. is this already part of your convergence vision or something you’d expect to figure out later? Yes, the phone will definitely be able to drive a touch screen in tablet mode, too!
Bought in at the Founder Sale level and am really excited. Can you talk about the new battery technology, what makes it exciting and how long a phone should last on a charge with use? Heh, I can tell you what the LAB results are but not yet what real-world results will be. This is one of the areas where we are hoping to accelerate technology into mainstream production that will benefit all classes of device, not just phones.
The two areas of interest are first, the use of silicon rather than carbon in the structure of the battery, and second, the choice of electrolyte.
In the video on the Indiegogo site, it is mentioned that this project isn't necessarily about mobile phones, but about the innovation of convergence between mobile and desktop. My question is, with other mobile devices such as tablets and wearable tech, why did your team decide to go with mobile phone development? What better way to prototype wearables than with a mobile PC to power them?
As far as I understood, the phone will support MHL which gives out 5V and hopefully has enough power to power the phone when used as a "desktop" That's correct.
That's a very good idea. I'm sure many of the existing backers are happy to add another $20-30 to get a t-shirt with the phone. At least I know I am! Yeah, we could add some perks for folks showing support - good idea, thank you!
This, and smartphone accessories like mhl docks, backup batteries, etc. Both Edge buyers and owners of existing smartphones buy a lot of these anyways, so why not get one for a good cause! We did consider specifying a range of accessories - gaming, PC form factor, ultra-mobility stations, but decided to focus on the core device and let others build ecosystems around it. The connection is standard MHL which means it should be straightforward for folks to support, and more interesting to crowdsource ieas than for us to try and do it all.
I do think that the Edge coud be the heart of a whole wave of innovation - once you have a real PC in your pocket, who knows what entrepreneurs will build around it? Or kids with ideas from high school to MIT?
What audio chip are you planning on using. Wolfson would be great for best sound quality (they made an excellent premium chip recently) so Edge can be used as an audiophile-quality music player. We are looking for audiophile silicon, but the harder thing I'm sweating about is speakers. We haven't found anything that looks like a potential breakthrough, any suggestions?
I just wanted to say thanks for Ubuntu. Appreciate that - glad it's helpful for you!
Mark, Do you plan to use new wireless charging technologies in the edge, like for instance Link to witricity.com (which has been proven already 4 years ago). We considered it and decided it would make the device too thick (because we are already pushing the limits on storage, RAM etc). In a future iteration I would like to do both wireless charging and wireless display for untethered convergence, but that's Not Ready Yet, even for the crazy people.
This is an Open Device, so users can tinker with the software and use standard flashing tools to upload custom builds. And I hope they do!
Thanks for the information! I sent them an email as soon as Ubuntu Edge indiegogo was announced, but I haven't got anything back yet. Let's hope they aren't locked in to that decision. That's good feedback. I would prefer a replaceable battery too so will take it up with the team and see if we can make that work.
The SDK has been available as daily builds since Ubuntu Touch was announced earlier this year, and it just recently reached a beta release stage: Link to developer.ubuntu.com. ^ that ;)
FYI, the non-upstream patches unity depends on are basically listed here Link to github.com that list, however, includes even too many things to have a basic unity experience (i.e. there's not real dependency on lightdm or unity-web-apps; while some other patches are now upstream). Yeah, it's total FUD that we make it hard for people to support Unity. It's a fast-moving project, sure, but it's always been hard to keep up with those, and the main reason for Unity not being on say Fedora or SUSE is imo political rather than technical. We've taken patches from various folks to ease their efforts in bringing Unity to other distros and would gladly take more - many eyes etc. Similarly for Mir, we think it's important to have at least two great efforts to bring next-gen display to the free ecosystem, we think Mir has real advantages over the alternatives, and would love to see it more widely adopted. Are starting to see projects support it and feedback is they love the APIs and we love the opportunity to get more feedback!
I talked also with some debian devs and there is some intrest in providing unity on it.
Mark, Some people are suggesting that the Edge Indiegogo campaign was launched because the Carrier Advisory Group wouldn't fund the project. Please comment on the reasons for choosing the crowdfunding model. We certainly didn't ask the CAG to fund it.
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